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  • 110Nm
  • 1850
  • 2Nm
  • 70Nm
  • C

    Manufacturers of windscreen wiper systems for the marine, rail and commercial industries, Hepworth have over seventy years of experience specialising in the design and manufacture of performance window wiper systems.

    Hepworth & Wynn, provide an excellent design and application facility. Whether a craft is in its early stages on the drawing board, or refitting, our team of design engineers will help to achieve considerable savings in installation costs and greatly improved window clearing efficiency. The company maintains their own salt water test rig, on which newly developed products are tested.

    Following products are available to suit all marine vessels from leisure craft to naval ships and offshore rigs.

    Single Arm Systems
    Dual Arm Systems
    Triple Arm Systems
    Clear View Screens
    Control Panels
    Pumps and Window Washer Equipment




    There is a variety of models produced by Hepworth & Wynn covering all market demands.

    For marine applications, the following products are produced:

    Hepworth Marine Range

    Model Description
    2Nm Light Duty Window Wipers
    20Nm Medium Duty Window Wipers
    30Nm Medium Duty Window Wipers
    50Nm Heavy Duty Window Wipers
    70Nm Heavy Duty Compact Wiper Motor
    80Nm Extra Heavy Duty Window Wipers
    100Nm Heavy Duty Wiper Motor
    110Nm Extra Heavy Duty Window Wipers

    Wynn Marine Range

    Model Description
    Wynn C & D Mk5 Heavy Duty Straight Line
    Wynn 1850 External Pantograph Wiper
    Wynn C350 Clear View Screen
    Wynn 6000 Controller
    Wynn 2000 Controller
    Wynn 1000 Controller

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