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  • -Type-approved according to IMO-Resolution MEPC 107(49)
    -Optional with type approved FSU-by pass function
    -Capacity from 150l/h up to 10000l/h
    -Jet-wash oil drainage
    -Available in Stainless steel and shock approved
    -Compact design
    -Easy installation
    -Pump can optionally be used as separate transfer pump
    -Low maintenance cost
  • DVZ has designed two different versions of DVZ- FSU "OILCHIEF" systems. The OILCHIEF-FSU standard 15 ppm oil separator works with two stages, in the first stage as gravity coalescence separator and in the second stage with a fine separation unit (FSU). This system delivers always clean water below 15 ppm oil content even in case of emulsion Bilge water. In some cases, for example if there is condensate water (not so polluted water) or oil-free bilge water, it can be suitable to work only with the first stage.

    For such cases, DVZ-SERVICES GmbH has a solution which called "OILCHIEF FSU-B". Using by-pass can increase the life time of the fine separation cartridge “DVZ-FSC” and the economical efficiency of the oily water separator system. The FSU – B system contains a second automatic 3 – way- bypass valve controlled by oil monitor (first set point 10 ppm), which have to send the flow in bypass around the FSU-stage or to the FSU-stage, depends on the real oil content in the clean water.

    In case of good quality of effluent which is analysed by oil monitor, the 3-way valve sends the clean water directly overboard. If the quality of clean water increases over 10 ppm oil content which is the first adjusted set point of oil monitor, the 3-way valve switches to the FSU stage and the separator works in two stage version.

    From time to time it will be asked from the timer of the switch cabinet, if the bilge water condition is good enough to be allowed to work only with the first station. In this way, it is possible to operate automatically and to be safe. In each situation if condensate or the other oilfree water is the main fraction of the bilge water, the “OILCHIEF FSU-B” can be a good economical solution.
  • The DVZ-BilgMon488 bilge alarm has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with 15 ppm oil-water separator units.

    DVZ-Bilgmon488 is equipped with 2 adjustable alarms that are triggered when the oil-content of the processed sample exceeds the set limit (1 – 15 ppm, works-adjusted to 15ppm). Alarm outputs consist of relays and indicator LEDs.

    Measuring cell with electronic device and indicator panel in a splash proof steel box, IP 54 protected, 3-way cock for fresh water flushing. The 15 ppm alarm is ready mounted to the DVZ-oily water separating system.

    -Robust construction
    -Solid suppression selection
    -Range 0 – 30 ppm
    -Type-approved according MEPC 107(49)
    -Easy settings via menu


Internaftiki AEBE was inaugurated in 1975 near the Port of Piraeus. Since its foundation, the company has expanded rapidly in the field of marine and industrial products, by offering an entire range of service activities on ships and yacht machinery. With essentially 47 years in operation, the company’s ability to deal with various customers needs before and after sales has established it as a highly reputed business in the marine trade.

Internaftiki offers a full combination of highly distinctive products intended for industrial and marine use by Ships, Yachts, Marinas and Yards. Our core product assortment consists of the following:

Engine Room Equipment
Saftey & Deck Equipment
Propulsion & Transmission Equipment
Maneuvering & Control Equipment
Navigation & Bridge Equipment
Epoxy Repair Products
Valves & Piping Equipment
Our service department is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of all our products executed by highly qualified personnel who hold exceptional knowledge and experience.

Internaftiki AEBE - Tel: +30 210 4126997                                                                                                                                    powered by