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Hebei Haichang, is a ship anti-pollution agent for all China ports, providing marine oil spills response, sludge removal and discharge, garbage collection and oil tanks cleaning.

In order to provide ship pollution response services to all China ports, Hebei has signed agreements with several other environmental protection companies.
Hebei is equipped with ships and equipment for sludge removal and disposal which fully comply with regulations and has all permits and certificates for port operation issued by the MSA.

Hebei Haichang covers all ports in China, and is fully approved by Chinas MSA, ITOPF and P&I clubs.
Hebei offers in most ports, SPRO stand by Retainer Fee free of charge and competitive cash rebates according to the quantity of sludge collected.
Hebei Haichang has established a large customer portfolio, offering services to over 100 vessels per month in China, to prominent Greek and International shipping companies.

Internaftiki AEBE - Tel: +30 210 4126997                                                                                                                                    powered by