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Twin Disc Power Commander Electronic Controls give you total propulsion control with electronic precision and literally fingertip ease. With only one lever required per engine, you can control your boat's speed and direction with one hand.

The EC300 Power Commander® electronic propulsion control system is versatile, rugged and easy to install. The system is designed to interface with all popular electronic engines and transmissions, including the revolutionary new Twin Disc QuickShift transmission. Take precise control of your boat, with the Twin Disc EC300 electronic propulsion control system.

    • Single lever control
    • Selectable synchronization
    • Trolling valve control option
    • Individual station active indicators
    • Individual station neutral indicators
    • 12 and 24 volt system power compatible
    • Configurable to CD and waterjet
    • Allows up to eight control stations
    •  J1939 or NMEA2000 data broadcasting
    • Analog and digital control heads available
    • Computer- or display-based setup and diagnostics
    • Configurable operation of accessories such as PTO, shaft brake and stabilizers
  • QuickShift® with EC300DP

    The high efficiency, high performance combination of QuickShift® and EC300DP is setting the standard for second generation dynamic positioning and propulsion interface. It allows instantaneous, shockless, virtually constant forward and reverse shifting to keep supply vessels "on station" as directed by the craft's dynamic positioning system. Drivelines can execute directional reversals at variable torque levels more than 30 times per minute to hold station with the full requirements of the DP class.


    • Based on conventional shaft line with QuickShift® transmission
    • Thrust control from 10% of idle to full power
    • High thrust rate change competitive with alternative drive packages
    • Enhanced installation, monitoring and maintenance/service software
    • Performance matched gear and control system

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