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When the boat is equipped with a bow-thruster it’s enough to push a button on the dashboard to move the bow or stern sideways and to perform nimble manoeuvres even in very narrow spaces. BCS can offer a wide choice of bow- and stern-thrusters, both electric and hydraulic, covering a large range of applications from the very small ones up to the 40mt of length. Their compact design allow them to be installed in limited spaces, too, while the great experience gained during many years of production and the large number of applications are today a guarantee of high quality and trouble-free performances.

  • In those applications where a longer working cycle and a much higher thrust are required, BCS offers and suggests the installation of a hydraulic system instead of an electric one. A hydraulic thruster is independent from the battery sets and takes all the necessary power from a different type of source, that can either be the main engine or a generator set installed on board.

    All the BCS hydraulic thrusters can be installed either in front or at rear of the boat, working as bow- or stern-thruster, for the best manoeuvrability and comfort. A stern-thruster is nothing else than the standard BCS thruster, which is installed horizontally through the transom by means of a special resin tunnel fixed to the boat itself. The BCS thrusters can be actually placed in any position, either vertically or horizontally, with no prejudice for the system performance. The stern tunnels are built in stainless steel and are available in two models for each diameter 

    • Available in a wide range of models for applications up to 40 mt-131’
    • Compact and effective leg design for a low hydrodynamic resistance
    • Double counter-rotating propeller
    • Transmission gears realized in high tensile materials
    • Very reduced noise
    • High quality materials suitable to the marine environment
    • Wide range of hydraulic components in different sizes for a complete system and different configurations
    • 'Brand name' hydraulic components for easy access to spare parts
    • Easy installation
    • Bow- and stern- mounting options
    • Conforming to the highest production standards
    • The hydraulic motor is of the piston type and is available in different displacements for the best application flexibility. It is suitable for a continuous working. 
    • The motor flange is directly installed on the thruster leg and has the function to support the motor itself and fix it to the tunnel. It is built in a special alloy and has a strong structure to ensure the best stability.
    • The thruster leg is in bronze and has a special compact design to reduce the hydrodynamic resistance to a minimum and ensure a better efficiency. Particular care was also given to their design, so as to considerably reduce the noise on all models.
    • The propellers are in NiBrAl, which is a special bronze alloy highly resistant to effort and corrosion. It is therefore suitable to work in a marine environment. All the BCS hydraulic thrusters have two counter-rotating propellers turning in opposite directions. 
  • Every hydraulic thruster system is designed and sized specifically for each individual application; In order to make sure that the installation of a hydraulic bow-thruster is possible, the first step is to verify that the boat is provided with a suitable power source that can be:

    • the main engine, that must have a sufficient power at the minimum rpm (*);
    • PTO on the gearbox;
    • generator set, also having a sufficient power;
    • possible electro-hydraulic set suitable for the specific application (not included in the BCS range).



     BP 180  

     BP 250  

     BP 350  

     BP 600  

    Open boat size    


     15 - 19

     18- 23

     21 - 32

     30 - 40 

    Fly boat size    


     15 - 18

    18 - 22

    21 - 31

     29 - 41

    Nominal thrust  






    Tunnel I.d.  






    Nominal Power  






    Hydraulic motor  


     8 / 14 

     18 / 21

     21 / 26 

     50 / 58 








    The closed-circuit bow thruster system represents the right solution when there is no need to add other applications (i.e. stern thruster) as it is fast to install and easy in the working system.

    1. By actuating the control panel in the desired direction, an electrical impulse is sent to the control board
    2. This signal is then transmitted to the electro- valve of the pump coupled to the main engine.
    3. The pump, going in stroke, sucks oil from the tank and sends it to the hydraulic motor of the thruster. The propeller starts to turn.
    4. A Part of the oil flow from the pump goes back to the tank passing through the heat exchanger in order to be cooled. The oil coming out from the thrusters, instead, does not need to cool down and it goes back directly to the tank.



    The open circuit system has a more complex configuration, but it offers many advantages such as the integration of a stern thruster or stabilizer, as well as the possibility of passing from one engine to the other one. The working principle is as follows:

    1. By actuating the control panel of the bow or the stern thruster in the desired direction, an electrical impulse is sent to the relative control board.
    2. This signal is transmitted at the same time to both the single acting valve, placed near the tail-piece, which determines the rotation direction, and to the injection valve that makes the pump go in stroke and activate the circuit.
    3. The pump sucks oil from the tank and sends it to the single acting valve that lets it flow to the hydraulic motor of the stern or bow thrusters. The propeller starts to turn in the desired direction.
    4. A Part of the oil flow from the pump goes back to the tank passing through the heat exchanger in order to be cooled. The oil coming out from the stern and the bow thrusters, instead, does not need to cool down and it goes back directly to the tank.
  • Twin Disc offers two different types of control panels for hydraulic bow thrusters in according to the installed system: ON/OFF for those who want to use their thrusters by just switching it on and perform the needed manoeuvres; or the proportional speed panels for a total thrust control that can be increased or decreased by the operator depending on the pressure on the control panel itself. This enables more precise manoeuvres and more powerful thrust according to different needs. Both versions are available with single or dual joystick in order to control either the bow or the stern thrusters. 


    • Warning lights and acoustic alarm for temperature or oil level
    • Waterproof (IP65)
    • Power on/off
    • Compact design
    • Reduced dimensions for easy installation anywhere

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