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SeaProp60 bulletin

The SeaProp60 saildrive is a propulsion system for sailboats with engines rated up to 56 kW (75 hp) @ 3600 rpm. Sailboat manufacturers and operators alike benefit from this system's unique but proven design. With a SeaProp60 saildrive, the sailboat manufacturer will overcome inherent limitations and problems of conventional inboard shaft drive installations with a quicker, more versatile and simplified engine installation process.

Boat operation will benefit from increased propulsion efficiency with the SeaProp60 saildrive. Unlike conventional drivelines, thrust is parallel to the boat’s waterline, whereas the downward angle on a standard shaft means that some of the propeller’s thrust is wasted.

Experienced sailboat owners recognize saildrives are more efficient, quieter, offer much less vibration to the boat and provide all-around smoother running - not to mention the absence of water leaking into the bilge through the stuffing box.

  • The SeaProp60 can easily be mounted facing forward or aft. Because it isn’t constrained by shaft angle or aperture location, and it offers the builder more versatility in engine placement and a smaller 'footprint' (no shaft, shaft log, or strut aft of the engine).

    SeaProp60 can be matched with a variety of fixed or foldable propellers.





    2800 rpm

    3000 rpm

    3600 rpm



    43 (59)

    46 (63)

    55 (75)



    34 (46)

    36 (50)

    44 (60)

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