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Hebei Haichangis a leading Chinese company established since 2006, specialized in Sludge Disposal, Ship anti-pollution, Marine Oil Spill emergency response, and Oil Tank Cleaning. Hebei Haichang,not operate aslocalagent but as a consortium, maintaining  its own oil spill response , sludge disposal and oil tank cleaning and following upsecure and advance service systems aim to provide very competitive contracts direct with the owners, across ALL China ports.


  • Ship sludge and garbage disposal

  • Marine oil spill response

  • Oil tank cleaning

  • Ship Anti-pollution agent cerified by China port state authorities.


  • Competitive purchasing price of sludge 

  • Issue SPRO certificate free of charge 

  • Collect garbage free of charge 

  • Full operation responsibility – Safety for the owner during discharge

  • “One stop” service for all environmental responsibilities. No paperwork.

  • Coverage in all major Chinese ports (30 main China ports).

  • Ensure transparent and credible transactions with ship principals

  • Allocation of independent Surveyor for transparency in transactions (if requested)

  • Peace of mind for the owner ensured by Internaftiki SA

‘’ Environmental  Total  Management Protection Services in China ‘’

Learn more about your needs and make a comparison with your existing supplier’s contract.

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