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The BCS trim tab systems are the result of over 40 years of experience and technological development: a continuous commitment in achieving higher performances, total control of stability in any condition, better maneuverability of the boat. The BCS trim tab systems are available in different models covering a large application field, from 8 to 25 mt 37’-110’ both for displacement and planning hulls.

The working principle of a trim tab system is simple. By pushing one of the buttons on the control panel, the electro-hydraulic power unit receives an electric impulse which starts the electric motor. In turn, the latter makes the hydraulic pump start, being connected to it by means of a coupling. As the pump starts to turn, it sends an oil flow towards the side of the hydraulic cylinder corresponding to the desired movement (up or down), making the tab raise or go down. By pushing the button on the other side, the cylinder moves in the opposite direction.

  • Suitable for high speed boats (over 40 knots), the BCS range of aluminium trim tab systems are available in a wide variety of dimensions and shapes, which will satisfy most requirements and applications. A large selection of accessories is available to complete the system and helps to make the system much easier and more efficient to use.


    • HYDRAULIC CYLINDER - The hydraulic cylinder is the real “power source” of the trim tab system. It is connected to the tab and causes its deflection movement.
    • TAB - Due to their specific application on high speed boats, the aluminium tabs have a limited width and a longer length. They are casted of the best quality special aluminium alloy and are highly resistant to corrosion.
    • HINGE - The hinge is the firm component of the system. It is directly fixed to the transom and the tab is connected to it by means of long stainless steel pins passing through the slotted holes of the both of them.
    • ZINC ANODE - It is made out of zinc and it has the function to protect the tabs against the galvanic currents that normally develop between metals of different nature.
  • For the choice of the most suitable model it is important to take into consideration the same important factors as for the stainless steel systems, such as the max speed, as well as the boat dimensions and displacement.

    Starting from the boat type (with speed over 40 knots), it is actually enough to select the boat length and the full-load displacement, to obtain the model suggested for the specific application.

    Aluminium Trim tab systems 



     MY10001 - 12  

    12,95” x 20,80” - 12V  

     MY10001 - 24  

    12,95” x 20,80” - 24V  

     MYOFF2 - 12  

    15,70” x 24,25” - 12V  

     MYOFF2 - 24  

    15,70” x 24,25” - 24V  

     MYOFF6 - 12  

    14,71” x 29,43” - 12V  

     MYOFF6 - 24  

    14,71” x 29,43” - 24V  


    22,60” x 31,79” - 12V  


    22,60” x 31,79” - 24V  


    High speed boats > 40 knots  

    Boat Length  



    6,10 - 18,60 mt  

    < 30 - Tons  





    16,60 - 27 mt  

    < 42 - Tons  





    27 - 33,50 mt 

    < 133 - Tons  





  • The benefits in using a trim tab system can be briefly summarized and divided into three different types:

    1. Performance improvement
      • Stern lifting and better balance
      • Faster getting on plane
      • Better propeller efficiency for more in-line power
      • Listing correction
      • Decrease of yawing and wandering with cruising quality improvement
    2. Safety improvement
      • Better and greater visibility
      • Better maneuverability at low cruising speed
    3. Efficiency improvement
      • Better engine performance
      • Reduced fuel consumption
      • Staying on plane even at slower cruising speed
      • This means that the installation of a trim tab system not only helps to correct the boat balance for an easier control, but it gives the boating pleasure a whole new dimension.


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