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When the boat is equipped with a bow-thruster it’s enough to push a button on the dashboard to move the bow or stern sideways and to perform nimble manoeuvres even in very narrow spaces. BCS can offer a wide choice of bow- and stern-thrusters, both electric and hydraulic, covering a large range of applications from the very small ones up to the 40mt of length. Their compact design allow them to be installed in limited spaces, too, while the great experience gained during many years of production and the large number of applications are today a guarantee of high quality and trouble-free performances.

All the BCS thrusters (except for the BT-35) can be installed either in front or at rear of the boat, working as bow- or stern-thruster, for the best comfort and manoeuvrability. A stern-thruster is nothing else than the standard BCS thruster, which is installed horizontally through the transom by means of a special tunnel. The electric motor of all the BCS thrusters can be actually placed in any position, either vertically or horizontally, with no prejudice for the system performance.

    • Compact and effective design for installation even in restricted areas
    • Easy installation
    • Bow- and stern- mounting options
    • Reversible electric motor at continuous current of high quality and reliability
    • Low hydro-dynamic resistance 
    • Transmission gears built in high tensile materials
    • Very reduced noise
    • Complete range for applications from 6mt - 20’ to 18mt - 60’
    • Wide range of accessories for a complete system
    • Materials suitable to the marine environment
    • Conforming to the highest production standards
  • All the bow and stern-thrusters of the BCS range have an extremely compact design, allowing an easy installation even with a very limited room. The thruster, in its basic version, is composed with the following elements:

    • The electric motor is of the reversible type at continuous current, available either at 12V or 24V. 
    • The motor flange is directly fitted on the thruster leg and has the function of supporting the electric motor itself an fix it to the tunnel. 
    • The thruster leg is in bronze and it is provided with a particular design, which reduces the hydrodynamic resistance to a minimum in order to ensure a better efficiency. 
    • The three-blades propeller, is made of a compound material and is therefore very light and free from corrosion problems.
    • The small plastic tank contains the hydraulic fluid for the gears lubrication of the leg


     BT 35n  

     BT 55n  

     BT 85n  

     BT 100n  

     BT 120n  

     BT 160n  

     Open boat size


     6 - 10  

    9 - 12

     11 - 14

     13 - 16

     15 - 18

     17 - 19

     Fly boat size


     6 - 9

     8 - 11

      10 - 13

      12 - 15

      13 - 16

      15 - 18

     Sail boat size


     4,5 - 8

     7 - 10

     9 - 12

     11 - 14

      14 - 16

      16 - 18









     Tunnel I.d.  












     5,3 – 4,8 







     12• 24  

     12 • 24  







     250 / 125  

    355 / 160

    500 / 355



















    However, for a better understanding, it is very important to know some general factors that mostly influence the thruster performance and can affect the THRUST, which is the measure of the real performance of each model:It is actually enough to select your boat size to determine the most suitable system.

    • the total surface exposed the wind force and the marine currents is the main factor that influences the requested thrust; Therefore, the BIGGER the surface is, the MORE POWERFUL the thruster shall
    • also the tunnel diameter is a crucial detail for the thruster performance the LARGER the tunnel diameter is, the BIGGER the potential THRUST is, as greater it is also the amount of water that is being moved 
    • in all those applications where a longer working time is requested it is preferable to choose a hydraulic thruster option. 

    Once the right model has been chosen, before to proceed with the installation it is useful to know that some other factors may affect the final thrust, that are:

    • the tunnel length: the longer tunnel, the higher loss of efficiency; so, it should be as short as possible within the limitations indicated on the table "Technical Specifications"
    • any grid placed at the ends of the tunnel. 
  • The bow-thruster described can be combined with a large range of accessories, such as control panels, time-lapse devices, connection cables, for a complete system of easy installation.

    With a more compact and modern design, the control panels have been projected to guarantee a higher quality level and improve safety on board. Very easy to install, thanks to their fast front mounting with no screws, and with reduced dimensions. The panels are available in two different models: the popular version with joystick or the new one with touch pad. For an easy and simple control of both the bow and the stern thrusters the right choice is the dual joystick panel. 


    • UV ray resistant
    • Waterproof type IP65
    • Child-safe on/off system
    • Automatic deactivation with acoustic alarm after 10 minutes
    • Automatic deactivation with acoustic alarm after three minutes of continuous running in one direction
    • Acoustic alarm for motor overheating
    • Built in time delay
    • Provided with fast-lock wires suitable for one or more control station.

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