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    NAIAD thrusters offer so much more than typical thrusters. Highly skewed seven-blade stainless steel propeller for quiet, highly efficient performance. Highest quality materials and workmanship throughout. Each unit rigorously tested under full load. Handsome compact reservoir modules with integral manifolds eliminate loose components and their interconnecting piping. Experience base of several thousand units.

    • In line bow - Stern Thrusters
      Available in five sizes and seven power levels, the NAIAD In Line Bow and Stern Thruster is an extraordinarily compact unit with high output relative to its tunnel diameter. A unique feature of this design is the highly skewed 7 blade propeller offering maximum thrust and extremely quiet operation. The thruster housing, propeller and shafting are precision manufactured in AISI 316 Stainless Steel for the highest in marine corrosion resistance.

      Right angle bow - Stern Thrusters
      Initially designed for the commercial market, but now available for yacht applications, NAIAD Right Angle Bow and Stern Thrusters feature robust, heavy duty, matched ground spiral bevel gearing for quiet operation under high-load conditions. The propeller shaft is rigidly supported in a powerful three bearing configuration. The gear housing is lubricated with positive pressure and vented to ensure against contamination.

    • In line bow - Stern Thrusters
      In line thrusters are available in six sizes for vessels from 38 to 166 feet (12 to 52 meters) LOA.  The custom-engineered highly skewed stainless steel propeller and sleek thruster assembly provides extremely quiet operation. High grade Stainless Steel used throughout the assembly results in long, reliable marine service life.

      Model Vessel Length Power
      8HT 38-48ft. (12-15m) 15HP (11kW)
      10HT 45-75ft. (14-23m) 25HP (19kW)
      12HT 68-96ft. (21-29m) 38HP (28kW)
      16SHT 90-112ft. (27-34m) 46HP (34kW)
      16LHT 106-128ft. (32-39m) 62HP (46kW)
      20SHT 120-136ft. (37-41m) 67HP (50kW)
      20LHT 136-166ft. (41-52m) 85HP (63kW)

      Right angle bow - Stern Thrusters
      Right Angle Power Thrusters are available in six sizes for vessels from 50 to 250 feet (15 to 76 meters) LOA, with tunnel materials to match any hull. NAIAD tunnels with pre-mounted saddle are available classification society approved.

      Model Vessel Length Power
      12 40-80ft. (12-25m) 30HP (22kW)
      16 70-110ft. (21-34m) 60HP (45kW)
      20 90-130ft. (27-40m) 80HP (60kW)
      24 100-150ft. (30-46m) 110HP (82k
    • All NAIAD thruster control packages feature a main electronic enclosure for simple installation. For both hydraulic and AC electric systems, the control package can be supplied with a fully variable (Proportional) feature which provides total thrust control by permitting the output of the thruster to be throttled using our joystick by the operator. The heart of the proportional control is a PLC, which is programmed to suit the application and is often configured to encompass many ancillary hydraulic shipboard systems.

    • The hydraulic requirements of NAIAD thrusters are carefully matched with the vessel’s available power and hydraulic pump drive options. Typical drive options include main engine, genset, and marine transmission Power Take Offs. NAIAD thrusters are supplied with the highest quality hydraulic pumps in an array of types & configurations including Fixed Displacement, Pressure Compensated and Load-Sensing.

      Thruster hydraulic pumps may be utilized to supply other shipboard hydraulic equipment, and controlled and packaged in a complete NAIAD Integrated Hydraulic System.

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